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Facilities Overview

Although our spaces are dispersed in different areas of the UT campus, taken together, they are strong facilities.  Below is a list of Buildings and spaces that support the Department of Theatre educational mission.

Buildings with Department of Theatre Spaces


Meeting Rooms and Offices

  • TOW 206, Department Main Office
  • Faculty offices are located in TOW 101-9,¬† 202-19, WAB F407-15, AMB 207 & 43
  • Production and Box Office Staff are throughout CBT primarily 0101, 0201-4, W011, S012
  • TOW 207, Conference Room
  • WAB M407, Seminar Classroom and Library
  • WAB D308, Commons Area for student use

Undergraduate Acting/Movement Classrooms

  • AMB 209, primary rehearsal room and movement classroom
  • AMB 209B, acting space primarily for student checkout
  • WAB D307, acting coaching room for student checkout
  • WAB D309, prop storage and coaching room
  • WAB D313, acting classroom/rehearsal room, available for student checkout

Graduate Acting/Movement Studio

  • HPER B020, acting and movement classroom suite
  • HPER 111, greenroom/commons area for graduate acting

Design/Technology Classrooms

  • WAB E302, Design Classroom
  • CBT S012B, Costume Construction Lab
  • WAB D301, Computer Lab. Classroom and access for majors, minors, and students with a theatre course.
  • WAB D305, Media Lab, 1/6th scale theatre lighting, sound, projections lab. Available for student checkout.

Graduate Design Workspaces

  • WAB E306, Costume Studio
  • WAB E308, Scenic Design Studio
  • WAB E314, Lighting and Projection Studio
  • WAB D304, D306, Audio/Video Recording Studio.

Production Shops

  • CBT contains the following typical production shops for the professional and educational theatre: Scenery (S122), Paint (S122), Props (S012), Costumes (W011), Sound (0202), Electrics and Video (S106).