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Black Lives Matter

In Solidarity.

During this unprecedented time of illness and fear, new anguish has erupted across our nation. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. The list of such unjust killing of African Americans stretches through decades into centuries.

We are horrified by the many acts of racism and violence upon people of color in our nation.

We are anguished by the grief, fear and rage that are voiced in our communities over and over again.

We are heartsick by the complacency that allows such unjust violence to be wielded seemingly without recourse, without reason, without mercy.

We stand with those who are committed to ending such injustice and violence. In our nation, our town and our campus, we stand with leaders who promote diversity, respect for all people, and the dismantling of systematic oppression and complacent white privilege. It must stop.

Black Lives Matter.

We add our voice in solidarity and take this moment to rededicate ourselves to live up to our ideals: To tell stories that echo our hopes for a more compassionate and inclusive community, in Knoxville and in our nation. As Dean Theresa Lee writes: “Intolerance of diversity – from race and identity to ideals and thought – is not a strength. It is a weakness and one that, when left unchecked, destroys communities.”

We pledge to be a part in the building of a more inclusive, just, and peaceful America.

We at CBT thank our campus leaders for their inspiring words. If you care to read them, they can be found here: