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Sound and Digital Media Distinctive Features

Travel Abroad Study Tour

Fully funded travel to design seminars and cultural exploration

The New York Study Tour

In the first year of study all design MFA students and their faculty travel to NYC to see current shows, meet working designers, and explore the museums.

LORT Theatre Company

The Clarence Brown Theater is a professional Equity/USA829 theatre company on campus and is fully integrated into the Theatre Department.

State of the light lab facilities

World-class state of the art light lab facilities. UT is proud to be the only institution in the world to have multiple light labs that include: a 1 to 4 scale light lab, a 1-to-6 scale light, sound, and projection lab, and a model light lab to explore the lighting of scenic models.  This unique way of teaching allows the student to explore all aspects of lighting design in a scaled lab, fully equipped with conventional lights, moving lights, LED technology, computer board, as well as complete sound systems and projection packages.

Professional Guest Directors

All directors of our productions, whether in the lab theatre or in the main season are professional directors. This is a great way to begin your networking base.

Computer Lab

This new computer lab is for the exclusive use of design students.  Computers are available to students 24 hours a day.  Printers, plotters, scanners, a laser cutter, and a 3D printer are included in the lab.

The Design House

The design program has its own house, which includes our classroom, a design studio space for students, a fully equipped 1-to-6-scale lighting and media lab, and the computer lab.

Funded Conference Travel

Students receive $1500 per year in funding for conference travel.  Additional travel funding is also available by application to the graduate school.

Diversity of experience

We teach design not only for traditional theatre but also for music, dance, opera, industrials, events, large-scale arena productions, and puppetry.

Assistant Design Opportunities around the country

Our students travel with and assist our faculty on all professional work in this country and overseas.

A LOT of actual design work, not just paper projects

We believe there is no better way to teach design than to just do it.  The average MFA student in Scenic will design 3-5 realized projects and 6-10 unrealized projects during the three years of study at UT.