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Graduate Study in Sound and Digital Media

The sound and digital media program at UT is a challenging, yet rewarding, program intended to prepare the successful candidate for a career in the professional world of Theatrical Design.  We strive to identify and nourish the individuality and talent of all our students, and do not tolerate mediocrity.  Here at UT, we believe that superlative design lies less with impressive visuals and more with interesting and unique interpretations of the play script.  Therefore, a large portion of the training is focused on dramaturgical research and conceptual investigation.  The student must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the source material and all its implications.

A majority of the strengths in this program are centered in its connection to the professional world.  The Clarence Brown Theatre is a LORT D venue, which hires outside professional artists in all training areas: sets, lights, costumes, sound; as well as actors and directors.  This provides the students with unique access to a wide range of artists already established in the field.  Another specific strength is the amount of design experience available to the student.  Digital media candidates will realize at least three designs, possibly more, with budgets ranging from $1,000 to $4,000.   They will also be required to assist both faculty and outside professional designers.  The curriculum is flexible enough to be adapted to individual students’ strengths, weaknesses and personal interests.  We encourage students with diverse backgrounds to join us, as our students not only learn from our faculty but from each other as well.

The opportunity to study abroad with some of Europe’s top designers and to collaborate with the professional directors and designers at the Clarence Brown Theatre, make this one of the most unique training programs in the country.  In the second year of study, the students will embark on an international journey of exploration involving master classes with some of the most influential designers in the profession.  Here at home, the students will gain valuable insights on how to navigate a professional design career by meeting with professional designers and assistants during an intensive 5-day workshop in NYC.  A range of other prominent artists and designers will be brought to UT during the 3-year program of study to connect with the design students through workshops, providing intensive learning opportunities and professional connections for the student.

This competitive 3-year program new students every other year.  First year students will be on campus with third year students.  This allows for both creative exchange and an informal mentoring environment.  In the second year of study there are less graduate students, providing a favorable student to faculty ratio and giving the personal attention necessary during a design intensive year.  Furthermore, in the second and third year, students will have teaching responsibilities. 

This is an exciting and rigorous program specifically designed to place students into the profession by providing them with the tools they need to negotiate a successful design career and the portfolio of professional designs needed to attract interest.

Contact: Joe Payne