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MFA Design Funding

*All figures are approximate.

Graduate Student Financial Package for 2022

Average Support for Three Years: $161,094 value

  • Out of State Tuition $95,394
  • Assistantship (3 years@$16,000. per year) $48,000
  • Health Insurance (three years) $8,100
  • Travel (an average of $1000 each year) $3,000
  • International Study Tour (second year of study) $3,000
  • New York Study Tour (first year of study) $1,200
  • Average Scholarship ($1200. per year- 2 yrs.) $2,400

The Assistantship of $16,000 per year, is essentially employment at the University of Tennessee. You will be responsible for completing 15 hours per week of duties assigned by your advisor and the department. Duties
include being a teaching assistant, teaching, working in the shop related to your area, and advisor research support. Each semester, the hour breakdown will change depending on the needs of the department.

Additional Funding Available:

  • Fellowships ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 are available through the Graduate School on a competitive basis for graduate students.
  • $2500 Fellowship given to two graduating students in each MFA Design class.
  • Theatre Department financial support is available for students who are invited to the New York Design Showcase in their third year of study.
  • Students may apply for funding from the College of Arts and Sciences for additional conference travel funding or funding for the New York Showcase.


  • There are approximately $2,400/year worth of university fees that you will be responsible for paying.