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MFA Acting, Offer / Acceptance Guidelines

Candidates Who Audition Through URTA:  

If you audition for our program through URTA, we will follow URTA policies on callbacks, offers, and acceptance.  Please see the URTA Graduate Candidate Handbook here.

We may invite you to visit UT for a callback prior to the URTA offer day.

If you do not hear from us on or soon after URTA offer day, it does not mean you are out of consideration. The competition for talent among programs is intense, and the acceptance process each year is highly unpredictable, sometimes extending into April and even May.

Candidates Who Audition Independently: 

If you audition independently, we will contact you following your initial audition only if you are in consideration for a position.

We may contact you before the URTA auditions or URTA offer date, but we will probably do so after we have seen the full field of candidates. If you do not hear from us prior to or soon after URTA offer day, it does not mean you are out of consideration.

If we do contact you, it could be for one of several reasons:

  • For a further interview online
  • To ask for an online video audition
  • To invite you to UTK for an on-campus visit, callback audition and interview
  • To apprise you of your standing in the application process
  • To inform you that you are an alternate
  • To make you an offer

1. If you receive an offer:

  • You will receive a verbal offer over the phone.
  • This will be followed by a letter of acceptance in the mail.
  • A deadline for acceptance will be negotiated when the offer is made.
  • You may give a verbal acceptance over the phone, but when you receive the letter of acceptance from us, you must reply with a written, signed statement of acceptance.

2. If you accept an offer:

  • You should immediately apply for admission to the Graduate School if you have not already done so.  Guidelines for applying are here.

3. If you receive an invitation to visit UTK for a callback, we will make arrangements with you at that time. We will try to arrange all campus visits for as soon after your auditions as possible. We will offer financial assistance with travel according to the availability of funds.

4. If you are an alternate, we will keep you closely informed of the developing situation, and you are welcome to inquire about your status by email to Professors Jed Diamond ( or Kathryn Cunningham ( You are encouraged to do so if you want to know your status at UTK before accepting other offers.