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MFA in Theatre: Acting Concentration

PLEASE NOTE:  DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, THE MFA IN THEATRE, ACTING PROGRAM WILL NOT BE RECRUITING IN 2021.  Regular recruiting of 7 or 8 actors will resume in January of 2023, for entry in August of 2023.

It is art that inspires us, and art we aspire to create.  We are pragmatic idealists.  We reach for the possibilities of the art form as they have come to us through the great writers, the great actors, and the great teachers.  We do so through practice:  personal practice, production practice, and practice within the profession.  Art and practice depend upon each other.  We cannot grow in the art without work in the business, but neither do we tend to survive in the business without a vision of the art.  In the UT MFA program, we provide tools for a life dedicated to practice, to self-knowledge and empathy for others, to knowledge of human nature and experience, to understanding the power and importance of story-telling and the life-illuminating – indeed the life-shaping – possibilities of great stories. Over the long term, a vision of the art, practice, and deep faith in the value of what one is doing are what sustains us. They help us to land the job and to find a way against the odds.

Jed Diamond, Head of MFA in Theatre, Acting